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Bia Brazil is high-end fitness wear that brings the trendiest and hottest designs that will undoubtedly motivate you to workout harder. Items are made from the flattering Supplex/Lycra that smooths and compresses your body, giving you a slimmer look. Read more about Bia Brazil >> 
FabricDuPont® Supplex®/Lycra® blend. Thicker Brazilian material. Mesh and printed items are made from a lighter weight Supplex/Lycra material and stretch a bit more than solid colors. 
Fit/Cut: "One size" fits most. Typically sizes 2-8 fit into this brand with 4-6 range being the most popular. This brand is meant to compress and smooth you out. Can stretch up to 40% of it's original size to conform to your body. Pant have an inseam of about 33". Bia Brazil sizing chart >>  
Design: Bia Brazil comes in a variety fun solid and flashy combo colors. Trendy, sexy, versatile designs. 
Fun Fact: Bia Brazil has been our top selling brand for the past 6 years! They are well known for that slenderizing, stay put fit that accentuates your curves and can still supress any trouble areas. 

BALANCE FITWEAR is designed so that no matter what you are doing – dancing, practicing yoga, working out, running errands, or running to your favorite tunes – you can still look and feel great. BALANCE FITWEAR is designed with the highest quality material, the best custom fit, and the most comfortable style so that all women – anywhere and everywhere – feel poised and ready to face the world – no matter what it has in store! Being a woman is a wonderful blessing and gift. We should be celebrated – as imperfectly as possible! By embracing all that is good and wonderful about being a woman, you can truly live your life in BALANCE. Read more about Balance Fitwear >>

Fabric: Calculated combination of the smoothing Supplex®, Lycra®, and nylon fabrics.  
Fit/Cut: "One size" fits most and does run on the small side.  Typically sizes 0-8 fit into this brand. Fabric actually stretches 4 ways giving you a generous stretch and full recovery. Has the much desired Brazilian cut. Balance Fitwear size chart >>  
Design: Known for their completely unique, and gorgeous prints! Please note, the exact print on each item varies so that each item is one of a kind. 
Fun Fact: America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, Nicole Sulivan, Christian De La Fuenta, and Ali Landry have not only been spotted in Balance Fitwear, and have also sent in cards with their commenst about how much they love the clothes! Eva Longoria was spotted wearing Balance on an episode of Desperate Housewives too!

BLUEFISH SPORT® was founded in 1998 with the vision of producing an exclusive line of fashionable women's activewear/fitness clothing. They quickly changed the face of the industry, emerging as one of the first companies to specialize in women's fitness fashions that can be worn as exercise outfits and throughout the day because of their fashion-forward designs.Read more about BlueFish >>

Fabric: Dupont Power Supplex®, which contains Lycra®, and are able to stretch up to 500% and spring back to their original shape. Printed items are made from a lighter weight Supplex/Lycra blend and tend to have more stretch than the solid colors.
Fit/Cut: Made in small, medium, large for most styles. The soft, stretchy fabric fits snugly no matter what size you choose. Brand has the Brazilian cut and tends to run small so if you are between sizes, we suggest going up to the next size. BlueFish Activewear size chart >>  
Design: This brand has cutting-edge designs and styles that are carefully created by women, for women. The exact print on each item varies so each items is truly one of a kind. 
Fun Fact: Each piece is designed to create positive energy, good fortune, balance and harmony within us and within our environment. The collection aims to inspire women to take action to promote good health and prosperity by wearing apparel that balances chi energy and embraces the five elements through fashion-forward, functional designs with flexible fits for every body!

Body Language Sportswear strives to satisfy your need to express your inner self through fashion while meeting all of your performance needs. The line of unique, comfortable sportswear revolutionizes the concept of traditional workout apparel for women. Read more about Body Language >

Fabric: Made from Brazilian Supplex that offers the feel of cotton with the performance benefits of advanced modern fiber technology and lycra which is the world's leading brand of elastane fiber and other premium stretch fibers and fabrics!
Fit/Cut: Most items come in X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large. This brand runs on the smaller side so we suggest ordering a size up if you are between sizes. Body Language size chart >>  
Design: Cute, classy styles in soft colors that make it easy to match!
Fun Fact: Body Language has been spotted in popular TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, Law & Order, Days of Our Lives, CSI Miami, Sopranos and Dancing with the Stars. Celebrity fans include Eva Longoria, Nicollete Sheridan, Britney Daniel, Roselyn Sanchez, Ashley Greene, Eva Mendes, Vivica Fox, Brooke Burke, Jillian Michaels, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hilary Duff, Jaime Presley, Kim Kardashian, and many more!!!

Brasil Sul this is one of the best selling line of active wear in Brazil. You may have seen it if you live in Miami, New York or Southern California. Brasil Sul is stylish and sexy, perfect for the gal who is fit and wants to stand out in a crowd! Read more about Brasil Sul >

Fabric: Manufactured from the finest Brazilian Supplex/Lycra available!
Fit/Cut: Pieces are "one size fits most". Fits most bodies sizes 2-10. Great for petite people and taller women. Brasil Sul size chart >>  
Design: All styles are mix and match. Has your favorite designs with a little added flare.
Fun Fact: This brand is cut with the taller woman in mind, with up to 33 1/2" inseam in most items and it offers stylish embellishments to basic high performance fitting garments. 

The company’s mission is to provide high quality fitness clothing that combines attitude and comfort. FeelFitWear believes every woman is beautiful regardless of shape or size. Their high tech fabrics will accentuate and improve your body shape to make you feel even more gorgeous! Read more about Feel Fitwear >

Fabric: Crafted from Moderate Compression Flex/Lycra blend. This blend provides moderate compression and freedom of movement with Lycra® 4-way stretch to provide performance and recovery aid. The compression will line and group muscles to void muscle oscillation, help blood flow and muscle fatigue. It manages body temperature between skin and environment, wicking away sweat, keeping you dry and cool. Easy-care, fast drying, won't fade or shrink and will last longer through the hardest workout.
Fit/Cut: FFW comes in small, medium and large sizes. Runs true to US sizes. If between sizes, we suggest going down a size as the items will conform to your body. Feel Fitwear size chart >>  
Design: All of their apparel is made of cutting edge fabric that will be gentle to your skin, providing comfort with a stylish look.
Fun Fact: When the owner Veronica traveled to other countries and reflected on her experience of living in Brazil, she realized that athletes at every level see fitness clothing as part of their athletic equipment. Clothing can influence performance, timing, and post-exercise comfort so each detail of the products are carefully thought out and studied to support you in your workout.

Part workout, part hangout and 100% fit to flatter, HBL Couture is a fashion-forward clothing line inspired by and created for the modern woman. Read more about HBL Couture >

Fabric: All HBL Couture clothing is made using a thick, high-performance, high quality Supplex blend fabric.
Fit/Cut: HBL clothes offer a smoothing, slimming and firming effect. Brand runs on the bigger side. We suggest ordering a size smaller than you normally would. HBL Couture size chart >>  
DesignWhether you are at the gym, running errands or meeting friends for lunch, HBL Couture offers eight easily mixed and matched pieces in four color combinations so you can look good, anytime, anyplace.
Fun Fact: Their best selling pant, the Phone Raider pant, has a built in band around the thigh with a convenient pocket on the side for your phone! 



KOS*USA has specialized in the fitness industry for well over a decade and continues to be a fashionable fitness apparel supplier. Read more about KOS*USA >

Fabric: Made from a variety of fabrics. Most items are a Supplex/Lycra (thicker, smoothing out material). Few are Nylon/Spandex (lighter weight, stretchy matrial), Micropoly/Spandex (slightly glossy material) or Tactel/Lycra (little stretch, cargo style material).
Fit/Cut: Made in the USA so sizes are the typical US fit and cut. Most items are low rise, however, there are a few styles with a medium rise.  KOS*USA size chart >>  
Design: Edgy styling using performance fabrications and fashionable colors. This brand has an unbelievable collection of prints, specializing in Zen prints that make the line a unique experience!
Fun Fact: This is brand delievers basic and distinctive styles at a pocket friendly price point. Also, items are made in the USA!!!


Situated in northern Israel, Margarita Activewear's objective was to create an exclusive line of clothing inspired by the natural beauty of their location and by their travels across the world. Margarita seeks out extraordinary fabrics, incorporating them into every design, ensuring exclusivity. Read more about Margarita >>

Fabric: Margarita activewear is made in Israel from from the finest, thick and sturdy DuPont, AA Supplex Fabric, a truly amazing fabric which shapes your butt and thighs...also tucks in anything we don't like! Supplex also wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry for your workout.
Fit/Cut: Pants may appear small at first but once you put them on, you will notice they will stretch and conform to your body. If you are between sizes or want a little more room, we do suggest ordering up a size. Products tags are labeled 1,2,3 which represent small (1), medium (2), and large (3) sizes. Pants have a low to medium rise waist.  Margarita Activewear size chart >>  
Design: Margarita has some of the most beautiful desgins on the market! Clothes have gorgeous, fine details from colored tiny beads to elaborate embroidery. Every item has their signature Daisy logo incorporated into the design or on the rear. The exact print, tie dye color and pattern of each item varies making each item truly one of a kind.
Fun Fact: The company was established on the base of the creativity from two dreamers, with very small capital and only two sewing machines in a yard that was only 30 square meters.



Using the finest quality fabrics available, they develop functional yet stylish garments that address the many needs of today's active woman. Read more about One Step Ahead >

Fabric: Two fabrics are offered. A soft brushed (velvety feeling) supplex/lycra blend and a lightweight cotton/lycra blend.
Fit/Cut: Runs true to the traditional US sizing. Offered a mix of medium to low rise pants. One Step Ahead size chart >>  
Design: Items feature casual and street-inspired wear for everyday activities, such as shopping and lounging with friends. This brand is known for carrying many of your favorite basic designs.
Fun Fact: So many colors to choose from! One Step Ahead offers 18 different colors in the brushed supplex/lycra blend and 11 different colors in the cotton/lycra blend! Also, products are manufactured in the USA at their San Francisco factory!



Passion FitnessWear's flirty silhouettes are for the fashion savvy and work out - loving woman. The designs are fashionable yet functional and practical. Read more about Passion Fitnesswear >

Fabric: Clothing is made exclusively of Supplex with Lycra fibers from DuPont. Supplex combines cottony-soft comfort with gentle support, superb fit and great freedom of movement that only Lycra can bring. It’s a practical fusion of softness and stretch, with Lycra stretching up to 500%, then springing back to its original shape. Finer multiple flaments make Supplex flexible, lightweight and 26%/36% softer than standard nylon fabrics and unlike cotton, it won’t wrinkle, shrink or fade.
Fit/Cut: Great for petite women. Runs on the smaller side and is only manufactured in small and medium sizes. Passion Fitnesswear size chart >>  
Design: Bottoms contain fashionable tie dyed patterns. Tops are lightweight mesh or supplex in a cute solid color. The exact tie dye pattern and color of each item varies making each item one of a kind.
Fun Fact: Passion Fitness wear uses handcrafted dying process and hand-made details to make these products unlike anything else!



Plant Body’s innovative tie dyed designs are hand made in Brazil using the finest Supplex/Lycra. The creativity and artistry throughout this entire line will just amaze you. Read more about Planet Body >>

Fabric: Medium weight Brazilian Supplex/Lycra blend. The supplex/lycra blend has the cotton like comfort with support and freedom of movement. 
Fit/Cut: Being a Brazilian brand, items have the flattering Brazilian cut. Tends to run small. We suggest ordering up a size if you are between sizes or want a little extra room. Planet Body size chart >>  
Design: Planet Body fitness wear combines feminine silhouettes with edgy raw cuts and raw stitching for a truly exclusive look! Being one of a kind, the denim accents and hand tie-dyed fabrics do vary in color and style.
Fun Fact: The denim patchwork details are hand sewn making each piece a one of a kind. 



These Columbian brands have some of the hottest styles in women's sportswear! They are known for their amazing prints and have become one of our most popular selling brands because of them! Read more about Protokolo and SaraMitu >>

Fabric: Workout products made with SUPPLEX and LYCRA, a registered trademark of INVISTA (DuPont), are manufactured with the highest levels of quality. SUPPLEX is a comfortable yarn that has the look and feel of cotton with an excellent smoothness, a lighter weight, quick drying, improved resistance to wrinkles and wash durability. The combination of SUPPLEX with LYCRA results on a perfect fit along with freedom of movement. It is the ideal union between softness and stretching.
Fit/Cut: Clothes run on the smaller side. We suggest ordering a size bigger if you are between sizes. Protokolo Sportswear and SaraMitu size chart >>  
Design:  The designs are inspired on today’s women with an active lifestyle, who want to enhance their beauty without leaving comfort behind. They are recognized for their dynamic designs, prints and vivid colors. The exact print pattern of each item varies so that each item is one of a kind. 
Fun Fact: These brands are released in seasons. Each collection released has fresh new colors and prints that keep up with the latest fitness fashions.

Up Vibe brings to the United States high quality workout apparel that has already been successful for years in Brazil and Europe. Their mission is to bring fashion that you can move in, feeling comfortable and great at the same time ...and you thought that was impossible, huh? Read more about Up Vibe >>

Fabric: Made from Lycra® brand elastane and Supplex® that combines cottony-soft comfort with the gentle support
Fit/Cut: Most products are "One Size" that fits sizes 0-8. This is possible becasue of the high quality Supplex/Lycra. Clothes do run on the smaller side. It's a practical fusion of softness and stretch with Lycra® stretching up to 500%, then springing back to its original shape. 
Design: The secret to great workout clothing is the Brazilian design, with bright colors and the material called SUPLEX/LYCRA® that gives you freedom of movement while you are looking great which is EXACTLY what Up Vibe provides you with. 
Fun Fact: The Brazilian creator of Up Vibe describes how Brazilian people are active and like to have fun so it makes sense for workout clothes to be practical as well as fashionable. The tropical climate and temperature of Rio (the founders homeland) is the inspiration behind the clothing line. 

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